Monday, April 30, 2007

Cute baby in aisle ten...

The stars and moons were all aligned today so I took Miles to the grocery store all by myself for the first time ever. (Yes, I"m a very pampered mom.) John has always gone with me, but today, due to the fact our fridge and cupboards were extremely bare and breastfeeding makes me hungry all the time, I headed out by myself with Miles. It went really well, though it sure is hard to focus on shopping when you have a baby in the cart. It's like being instantly ADD or something. Life sure is completely different with a baby. We had fun though and the fact he was in a good mood, made it even better. It was refreshing too, to leave the house without me breaking into a cold sweat trying to pull him out of his carseat while he is crying in the middle of a store's aisle. (which, sometimes feels like I need the jaws of life to pull off. Who knew that car seats had to be so freakin cramped and tight? Ok, one would think that, but they need some kind of quick release mechanism or something.) Of course, I am learning to blow through the grocery store at a pretty quick pace instead of mulling over the nutritional difference between the 99.9% fat free yogurt and the 100% fat free yogurt. Ahhh, those mind boggling debates were for my pre-baby days. Anyway, now if only we would get a super Target out here, life would really be great and I could actually get some clothes shopping done too.

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