Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Photos on the Web!

Even though there are still a ton of photos from this weekend sitting in our camera (thanks to John's looming deadline) we have plenty of photos to share from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

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Miles slept ANOTHER 8 hour stretch last night, but then he wanted to eat about every hour and a half today. So it's give and take around here, but things are going pretty well. Needless to say, since I was nursing so much, I didn't get my goal of getting all the floors swept and mopped, but the floors and the dirt will be there tomorrow. At the end of the day, if my Miles is a happy little guy and he is fed well, I got exactly what I needed to get done. : )

We had lots of family come today, which was really nice. My sister stopped by this morning and we had a nice visit. She even got a nice little snuggly nap with Miles in while I took a shower. Then Grandpa Smith dropped by on his way out of town for a concert. He usually pops in at least once a week to see his little guy. Then later in the afternoon, Grandma Smith couldn't stay away and stayed with Miles while John and went grocery shopping. We returned from our grocery run to a full house of Barb and Bill Zabel along with my mom with a piping hot pizza on the table for all of us. We certainly feel loved!

John is currently arranging a piece of music for a choral group here in Fort Wayne. So I'm hearing plenty of music coming from his office this evening. Miles has been down sleeping since 9:30, so I have been enjoying some rare Internet time.

I better get going. Have a great week and perhaps if we all "think spring" we can will this snow to GO AWAY!!

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Penny said...

Bets, It was so great getting to spend time with you, John, the pugs and my snuggle buddy. I Love it! You both are doing such a great job!

Love, Pen