Sunday, April 29, 2007

low blood sugar freak out and a movie

Yesterday John mulched our entire house while I (unfortunatly) worked inside tackleing housework. I would have loved to have been outside with John on such a beautiful day, but alas, I'm trying to get our house back to be at least half as clean as it was pre-Miles.

By dinner time, we were starving, but so was Miles. We had been planning to have a little date night Saturday night, so we prepped for an evening out with baby. If you have hung out with us in the evening before, you know that Miles starts cluster-feeding around 6 PM. So I fed him and thinking he was satiated, put him in the car seat. Nope, he wasn't done! So I fed him again as John and I hung on in a low-blood-sugar-freak-out state and the clock ticked on. We nibbled on some toast, hoping that would get us by until we got to the resteraunt. Once we were convinced Miles was full and asleep, we put him in the carrier and headed off to our favorite Sushi resteraunt. (Yep, Asakusa!)

Well, of course it was at least a half an hour wait, even at 7:40 PM. (That would be karma kicking us in the butts for the countless times we have sat (pre-baby) at a finished meal for hours there socializing hogging up the table.) We considered going to another resterant, but decided to hang in there. Miles was sleeping peacefully in his carrier and lobby hopping on a saturday night is kind of like switching lanes at a grocery store. Once you switch, the other lane seems to fly by. So like idiots, we hung in there. We were fine until this group of women came in and once they saw Miles, they started squeeling with delight and ribbing each other about their ticking biological clocks complete with loud "bang-bang-bang" sound effects of how loud their clocks are ticking seeing our baby. The Asakusa lobby is about as big as our half bath, so they were standing right above him. Of course Miles, previously blissfully asleep, wakes up, takes a look around as if to say, "Where the hell am I?" and starts to cry.

So the next 10 minutes are spent with Miles breastfeeding in a very cramped lobby and I felt like I was having the life blood sucked out of me. Thankfully, before we knew it, we had a nice private table in the corner where I could feed Miles and John and I could suck down our food like we hadn't eaten in weeks. Dinner out with Miles can feel like the baby olympics as we juggle him while we feed, burp and console him, but it went really well. The biggest part of the success is John helping out by holding up a blanket so I can be descreet and when the bathroom is a "one-seater" he goes with me to change Miles which helps alot. I tell ya, John is such an awesome dad. At one point, when Miles was fussy, John just threw him in the sling and walked around the parking lot for a while. (We really try not to have him cry in a resteraunt.) We even got a compliment on the way out, by a single guy sitting at the sushi bar, who said we did great job with our baby. That really meant alot to us becuase we really don't want to be "that" annoying couple with the crying baby.

It sounds like alot of work for us to just have some sushi, but it's really important for us to get out. I would have had grandma watch him, but I'm trying to store up my pumped milk so I can go to a wedding next weekend. I hardly have any milk at all because my mom has been so great about coming over and watching him while I run out and do stuff, but that keeps my stored milk supply at a "just in time" inventory status.

Once we got home, the three of us, plus pugs watched the movie, The Holiday. It was actually pretty good for a chick flick. One of the characters was a film composer named Miles, so John thought that was pretty cool.

Well, John and Miles have been napping upstairs and Miles just woke up. Gotta run! We're off to the food co-op sometime this morning to pick up some biodegradable laundry detergent for our cloth diapers. (The stuff is called Country Save and is the BEST laundry soap.) The Luna Mary's (we know one of the singers from our yoga class) will be singing at noon in the co-op cafe, so we are hoping to catch that as well.


Susan said...

Too weird. . . Jim and I rented The Holiday Saturday night too! It was pretty good!

john said...

That is wierd that we saw the same movie! The real quesiton is did you fall asleep before the end? Betsy was asking me how it ended this morning! ;-)

Thanks Bets, for a wonderful weekend. I'm so blessed to have my little family...