Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday afternoon...

Here are a couple pics taken after our evening walk. Can't resist capturing those lashes...

I couldn't decide, black and white or color?

Both! This would be a fun one to do black and white and leave the eyes blue. No time for photo shop tonight though.

After dinner we had lots of play time, though in retrospect, Miles was pretty sleepy. Duh! Someday we'll learn to start the bedtime process as early as we should. However, we enjoyed some really fun play time.

Bill and Barb Zabel came for a visit today. As luck would have it, just about every other time they would visit Miles would be super fussy. So thankfully today they got some nice bonding in when Miles was in a good mood. The pugs were beside themselves sharing Grandma and Grandpa Z though!

We received a baby gift in the mail today from John's cousin, Diane and she included a couple toys for the pugs. Isn't that sweet!? Stamp was THRILLED.

Chillin with daddy...

Nothing else new to report. The latest thing for us is we are trying to get better at watching when Miles is ready for bed and creating a night time routine for him. We seem to learn more every night, so hopefully by the time he's ten or something, we'll have it down pat. ;)

Since I have been sick I haven't left the house and I'm getting a bit of cabin fever. So I need to kick myself out of the house tomorrow. Considering we have no cereal in the house, i'm guessing that grocery run will be happening pretty early on.

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Diane4iu said...

I love the black and white. Leaving his eyes blue would be a work of art. I miss you so much and everytime I look at a picture of Miles I want to reach into the computer and give him a squeeze. I'm coming to the Fort for a couple of days when I get back from Europe. Hopefully, we can have some quality time. Hugs Diane