Saturday, June 16, 2007

First day at the pool

Today we went swimming at Grandma Smith's house. She had a special little area all set up especially for Miles complete with a tent for shade, a rocker and an outdoor pack-n-play. Are we spoiled much?

Look at these handsome guys!You can't tell here, but Miles' bathing suit matches daddy's. (No, John isn't wearing a speedo!)
Grandma had a special little baby pool for Miles complete with warmed water and an umbrella for shade.
Miles didn't cry at all and was pretty serious checking out the new sensations of being in the water. He was a bit sleepy today as he didn't nap as long as usual and I think the heat kind of made him a bit drowsy too. All in all though his first swim was a success!

Driving the boat in the big pool.

We eventually took him out of the boat and got to see Miles kicking underwater. Even though I spent my college years teaching baby swimming lessons, I was too chicken to put him under the water. John was brave though and Miles did his first "1-2-3 swim!" under the water. He seemed a bit surprised, but no tears. Yippee!
Jim Dumire, a neighbor and dear family friend stopped by to say hello. His son Oliver hung out with us too, which was great. Jim chatted up Miles and got some adorable giggles and smiles out of him.
My mom hadn't heard Miles give a good belly laugh yet so she was thrilled Miles was so at ease with Jim.

It was a really nice day and John and I even got some relaxation in, which was wonderful. It's hilarious how long it takes to prepare to leave the house with baby. I swear, it was like we were going away for three days with all the stuff we lugged to Grandma's house! I had decided to give disposable diapers a try thinking they would be easier for a trip to the pool. (I didn't see a need to get a disposable swim diaper as I had a cloth one.) Well, I put it on him right before we left the house and when I pulled him out of the car seat at Grandma's house he was sitting in a mess. Yep, he had leaked through the "sposie," through his onesie, through the car seat strap and all the way to the BASE of the carseat attached to our backseat. I think if the poo could have found it's way to the underbelly of our car, it would have. It was disgusting to say the least. So even though John had an adventurous time cleaning out the 5 foot radius of the car seat, he seemed secretly happy that the sposies had, once again, failed to perform therefore securing our cloth "dipes" in more reliable standing. If you can't tell, John's the hard core cloth fan and I'm the one who keeps thinking I should substitute sposies from time to time to make life easier. Well, the last time I did that (when I was sick with a cold) I ended up with a mess as well. So if anybody needs any Pampers, let me know. We have a bag that I don't think John will ever let me use again!

Here's some play time John captured from last week. You'll notice that Stamp is right next to us, as always.

Miles has been doing great and I just realized yesterday that so far, he never caught my cold. There is much rejoicing of this.

He's been doing great and once again today we came into his room to see he had rolled over onto his belly again. We haven't seen it in action, but surely, we'll catch it soon.

That's the latest. I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is a big day with John's first father's day! Check out his blog for his version of today's story at:
John's blog

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