Sunday, June 24, 2007

Family Reunion at the Farm

Today John and I headed North to a family reunion on my Mother's side of the family. It was held at this wonderful farm and thankfully, the rain held off for our gathering. I didn't grab a lot of pics of family as we were busy with Miles a lot and we didnt have a tripod for a huge group shot either. (Duh!) Next time... These pics should give you an idea of the relaxing day we had on the farm.
Here's a rare quiet moment with me and my mom and Miles by the windmill. Earlier that day I had mom hold Miles while we got some food. Well, within minutes of me leaving Miles with her, he had ANOTHER diaper blow out (this time with a cloth diaper) and had an accident on my mom. So as I'm returning to the table I see Miles crying and my mom holding my baby completely NAKED outside. Bless her heart she was trying to get him all cleaned up all by herself. Thankfully we have learned to always have a spare outfit and was able to have it all contained within minutes. Who knew I would ever become so adapt at "poo handling?" I'm a pro now! I suppose I have the pugs to thank us for breaking us in.

If you live in Indiana or grew up here, you know what the phrase "Knee high by the 4th of July means." Here I am corn gazing.

The neighbor's dog just couldn't stay away. Especially when there were so many people eager to scratch his belly.
I never considered myself a city mouse until I caught a glimpse of the amazing garden at the farm. I had NEVER seen vegetables this huge and beautiful.

Little Shop of Horrors!!! I was kind of thankful there was a wire fence between me and this cabbage. It kind of looked like it was going to come and get me!

Miles took a nice long nap in the bouncer while we got caught up with family and fed the fish in the pond. He's starting to wake up here though...

Don't cry Miles! Daddy's here...

On the way home we took a detour to Auburn to feed Miles and expose John to an old ice cream shack from my youth. My mom used to take me to the Brown House when I was a kid and then as a teen I lifeguarded at the Auburn Pool and after a long day's work I would grab a chocolate malt for the drive home. Today, after a nice long walk with the stroller we decided to grab a malt but realized I didn't have any cash! Does this place look like it takes credit cards?

Ugh! So we walked the 16 blocks back to our car and drove back to get our chocolate fix. Yum! Thankfully we could fish enough money out of the cracks of the carseats to buy one. (We never have cash on us!)

It was a great day. I have TONS of pics to post on my blog this week, so stay tuned.

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