Friday, September 07, 2007 up!

This is Miles' favorite toy right now. It's a little "God Loves Baby" book with a small stuffed baby. Doesn't it look like Miles is showing us his baby in this photo? "
He LOVES that little baby, or as we call it, "the little man." I feel sorry for anybody who touches that book or the little man because it's G R O S S. Miles munches on that thing non-stop.

Speaking of munching, my mom bought Miles a special baby feeder today while we were out shopping. You put fruit or a teething cracker in the little mesh baggie and Miles can gum and suck on the food without a worry of him choking. She gave it to him while out on a shopping trip and this photo shoot is of him STILL chewing on a barley biscuit a couple hours later. Again...G R O S S, but he loved it.

Does this look like a kid who is going to give up that feeder anytime soon? I practically had to pry that thing out of his sticky little hands!

In the last couple of days Miles has all of a sudden taken an interest in crawling. Here's Miles rocking back and forth. I'm hoping this stage lasts awhile.

Doesn't look like it will be long though!

Over the weekend Miles appeared to be getting a cold, but he seems to have John's super sonic immune system and he's doing great. I, on the other hand, have been battling a bit of a sore throat and congestion. Grrrrrreat.

Miles keeps me in good spirits though. We have been having a BLAST together. Look at this face, how could you have a bad day with this guy around? ; )

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