Saturday, September 01, 2007

woo hoo!

My 2008 IKEA catolog came today! Yippee!! I LOVE getting that catolog and dreaming of all the fun ways I can organize. Yea, I'm that much of a nerd.

Here is a nightlight from Ikea that was given to us by Steve and Melissa Zabel. It's soft and re-chargeable so you just leave it unplugged and squish it to turn the light on. (Very convienent when you are searching for it in the dark.) I use it EVERY night when I go to check in on Miles before I go to bed. I used to when I was pregnant and would get up in the middle of the night when I was ill (which was a lot during the last few months) without waking John or tripping on stuff.

Just had to share my excitement. It doesn't take much to thrill me.

Other than that, we have had a good couple days. John wanted a change of scenery yesterday and we went to the library downtown and I played in the baby room while John did some work on his laptop and some research for work. Miles and I met a little baby, George, that was born on the same day in the same hospital as Miles. How cool is that? He was TINY though, so they looked about 3 months apart instead of more like 6 hours apart. George was crawling like crazy, had a tooth but couldn't sit up yet. Miles can sit up but doesn't have teeth yet. So it's interesting to see how different two babies are at the same age. oh, and their due dates were a day apart. It was really interesting and fun to talk and play with them. Babies are so cute, they always want to touch each other's faces when they meet. Funny, if we would try to touch anybody's faces as adults, people would think we were weird! THen along came an 11th month old that was 2 pounds heavier than Miles. I swear, I don't feed this kid cake all day long! It was nice to see some other mom's and babies. That library is such a cool place.

Today we ran some errands and have just played with Miles. We are starting to see the verrrry beggining of a crawl and honestly, we were getting used to him not crawling yet and enjoying how containable he has been. Life will change for us big time very soon.

Gotta run, I get to go out and have girls night tonight with my sister in law. So Daddy is home alone with Miles.

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By Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder about the IKEA catalog. If you ever want to make a trip up to Schaumberg or down to Cincy (once they open), please let me know!!