Monday, May 21, 2007

Ahhh, Trees

Today I needed to go grocery shopping as we have had no food in the house. We had pretty much gotten down to a can of cream of mushroom soup and some random granola bars. I've been dodging grocery shopping for a while as Miles hasn't been a fan of the carseat. I've been putting him in it as much as possible though, including some walks in the stroller as a sort of "immersion therapy." He actually does seem to be getting better and hopefully he's on his way out of the carseat hating phase. I'm hoping he does because I want to be able to enjoy this time that he is portable. Anyway, John knows that I loathe grocery shopping and I was starting to get hungry by the time I had decided to venture out (the dreaded 5:00 PM grocery shopping timeslot) so he offered to take me out to dinner and then help me shop. That was a really cool special treat for a Monday evening as we try to eat out just once a week. (Part of the stay at home mom budgeting we have set up.) So John and I had a mini date and went out for Mexican food. Miles was great in the car (Thank god for resteraunts within minutes of the house), the food was quick and awesome and John and I traded off feeding Miles a bottle at the table. We had a great time and even talked about non-baby things, which considering we are both in the house together all day long, that's a pretty big feat.

It was fitting we went out because we did have something to celebrate as we found out today that Marching Show Concepts has sold SEVEN of the original marching band shows that John has composed. This is a huge deal as this was his first attempt to compose a show this year and we were just hoping he would sell one, let alone 7! Yippee!! He could sell even more too before this season is over! This is super exciting stuff and I'm so proud of him. He has some ideas for next year's show, but I'll let him blog all about that.

So after dinner and some grocery shopping (Where Miles was a super happy baby) we came home and went for our nightly walk. During the walk we noticed Miles' eyes would get really wide when we went under trees, so we spent some time checking out the trees in our yard and snapped some pics. (See above and below)
This photo shows John's favorite hairdo of mine. I call this style (if you can call it a style) cubby ears. I look like a 30 year old trying to look like a 15 year old with my hair like this, but it's so easy and comfy, that I don't care. I grew up looking like Ralph Machio (you think I lie. I could have been his stunt double, complete with short feathered hair and a dark 80's tan) so as an adult I really don't know what to do with long hair. Hence the cubby ears. I think it's funny that John loves my hair like that the best. He's such a simple, easy to please guy. : )

Here's Miles after one of our morning walks this past weekend. He gets hungry on the walks sometimes and munches on daddy's finger. We love our baby Bjorn and so does Miles. When we put him in it he gets all excited now and we actually got a giggle this morning when John put him in it. SO MUCH FUN!! His giggles are the cutest thing EVER to us.

It was a little chilly this weekend, so we busted out the Robeez shoes during a couple walks in the Bjorn carrier. John had gotten these shoes for me/us for Christmas and I finally got a chance to put them on him. Had to snap a pic, of course!

Miles was a bit too sleepy here for a good photo shoot, but of course, we tried. We have a new nickname for him, "Bubby", and his face really looks "bubby-ish" to me here. (That probably makes no sense to you, but it does to me.)

He has many nicknames as John and I just weird like that. Here are few so far:
-Mylecon (yes, that's a baby tummy medicine, but it also sounds like a name a Transformer would have and since we are both nerds, it stuck.)
-Milex (that would be a typo I wrote in a sleep deprived state late one night and it has stuck as a funny name.)
-Milo...the list could go on. The poor child probably won't know what his name is until he is five becuase we call him so many different things.

Miles still loves the bouncer. I had him in John's office yesterday morning while I hopped online and the light was so killer coming in from the window.

You know, when we chose this obnoxious bouncer I knew I would want to photograph him in it but the crazy print on the bouncer would drive me nuts. And it is. I have 18 zillion photographs of him next to a cartoon tiger and parrot. Oh well. He loves the funky toy bar that goes with it, so it's all good.

I better go to bed now. Nighty night!


Jennie Skeens said...

Man...I was having some major Milesblog withdrawal. You can't leave me hanging for a week like that. Love you guys....Jennie

Jen said...

I agree with Jennie (above)! I was beginning to wonder...Thanks for the great update and adorable pictures! Miss ya bunches!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I love it! I love it!