Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday jumpin...

Once the sun was low enough in the sky and the temp. cooled a bit this evening, we took Miles outside to enjoy the trampoline for the first time. We laid a blanket on the trampoline and I gently bounced with him and he LOVED it.

Lovin' the bounces!

Mom steals a kiss...

Today it was John's turn for a photo shoot in the trees. Miles is still intrigued by the leaves, as you can see.

John's not good at hiding his enthusiasm on being a father.... ; )

The weather has been awesome, but our early morning walks are still a bit chilly. Here's Miles in his morning walk gear before getting loaded into the Baby Bjorn. I actually miss the cold weather becuase it's fun to bundle him up in cute clothes. (I still haven't gotten out of the house to go summer clothes shopping. Though honestly, since he is a hot blooded kid, onsies are pretty much what he likes to wear anyway.)

For more photos, go to John's blog: John's Blog

Today was a great day. Miles was in an awesome mood and we played and sang alot. He LOVES it when I sing songs and for some reason, he thought it was hilarious when I played this simple game of, "This is my mouth, this is your mouth." I would just say that in a sing songy way and point to my mouth and then tap on his. He would just giggle, smile and coo like crazy when I played that little game. It's fun when I think of simple little things that make him happy.

I didn't get much done around the house, but I definitly got in lots of Miles time. John is such great hubby. Whenever I get frustrated that the end of the day has come and I didn't get cleaning done or something else I needed to do, he reminds me that my #1 job of the day is caring for Miles and that if I did a good job at that, that's all that matters. When I was pregnant, he would tell me the same thing, "Who cares if you didn't get the floors cleaned, you were working hard growing a baby." Love him!!!

Miles' biggest thing lately is he is getting very easily distracted when he nurses. I was reading a magazine today and the sound of the pages turning must have distracted him because he kept pausing and looking at the magazine and then at me like, "Excuse me, focus please!" Then I was snacking on some cookies while I was nursing him (I'm hungry allll the time) and the rustle of the box totally distracted him. If John walks in and starts talking Miles has to stop eating and turn his head to listen. Of course he likes to pause when he's eating to smile at me and coo and it melts my heart. John fed him a bottle yesterday and he was flipping out at how cute it is when Miles pauses to smile and look up at you with the bottle's nipple in his mouth. I had tried to explain that to John before, but you just can't understand how cute it is until you experience it. (That's a photo we won't be posting on the blog!) ; )

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for tuning in!

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Love, Jennie Skeens said...

What an amazingly beautiful family. I love the photo of Bets and Miles (Stealing the kiss). Gorgeous!!!
Anyways, you have inspired me...I will be finding a way to blog my family.
It is addicting. Thanks for the latest, and I love y'all! Bets, you'll have to put me under your links page once I figure it out.