Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Mother's Day

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day today. It was the best Mother's Day I could ever ask for. The morning started out with a full night's sleep and then waking up to a homemade card from John.

John doesn't know that I jumped on his computer, but I found the card in his photoshop file and I had to share it. Here is the front of the card (I hope you can read the small print:)

and the inside of the card:

I think that is the most creative and precious card! I am going to put it in Miles' baby book. John then surprised me with the news that the pugs had an appt. to get groomed later that afternoon, something I have been wanting to do because they are super stinky and verrrry sheddy since it's spring. So he splurged on the "top dog" treatment for them. THEN, he told me that he has arranged for a professional house cleaning crew to come in this week and do a deep clean on our house. THANK THE LORD! I haven't done a deep clean on my house since my baby shower this past December and even then I about killed myself. So I have been treading water since then trying to get a chance to really clean the house. (hasn't happend) I am excited about having a crew come in and get me back to a clean house so I can try to keep it that way. It's REALLY been bugging me how dirty my house has been and with the c-section and everything, I got wayyy behind. So yipppee!

After John gave me my gifts, we spent the morning reading the paper and playing with Miles, and then we headed to the New World cafe at the natural grocery store for lunch. (they have live music on Sundays) We had a nice lunch and then headed back home to feed Miles and get the pugs ready for their grooming session. We did some shopping with Miles too and he was great minus the fact that he hates the car seat. It's a phase he is in that I'm hoping will pass soon.

Once we got home and fed Miles he slept for 5 hours this evening while John and I just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful evening. One last indulgance John did for me for Mother's Day was we sat down and loaded in a bunch of photos, resized them and ordered them online for Miles' baby book. We also loaded in the images our friend Bobbi did for us and ordered prints of those as well. So I'm excited to get the prints captured off the computer and start putting them in place in his book. I'm not a big scrapbooker, but I do want to at least get the important stuff down in a book for Miles to have someday.

Well, it's late so I better shush. I hope everybody had a wonderful Mother's Day. I had no idea how great today would be. I just felt wonderful and happy all day. John and Miles did an awesome job of making me feel so loved. I took a little walk this evening by myself with the pugs and I just thanked God over and over for the blessings of my precious family and our health. I am loving my new role of Mom!

PS I will have some pics up soon of our Mother's Day celebreation with my mom on Saturday...

PPS We made a really fun video set to music of our life with Miles for our parents and it was a hit. I'm hoping to post the blooper reel on my blog soon. So stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest card ever!
I have a lot of work to do on my blog! Maybe once I start showing I will post pics! I love seeing all the pics of Miles! (and of course the trampoline pic!)