Monday, May 07, 2007

The mirror and the mobile are the latest and greatest things going on for Miles. He loves checking himself out in the mirror and batting at the stuff on it. He's been grabbing for things more and more too. It's really getting to be alot of fun playing with Miles now.

I haven't written much on the blog, but I will soon. I've been hoping the pics have kept everyone interested. I've been busy and pretty tired these past few days. John and I got out this past weekend for a wedding reception and left Miles for a whole 4 hours with my mom. It was really nice to get away and it felt good to get dressed up too. We even got some swing dancing in, which just proved that were are VERY rusty and a bit out of shape. We love to dance though, so we were excited when they busted out the big band stuff. I'll blog and add pics of that later. I also need to add some more of the awesome pics my friend Bobbi took, so I have much to do. For now, sleep is the main goal.

Love ya!

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