Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day lunch...

This was a picture I should have added a couple of posts ago, but found it today and wanted to add it. It's a good pic to post today because we spent alot of time doing what this photo shows, him sitting on my lap while we "chat." It's my favorite thing we do.

Here are a few photos from the Mother's Day lunch I hosted. I was pretty busy that day so I didn't do a good job of capturing many photos of the event. Here is my sister in law, Jenni with Miles and then my brother and mom with Miles. He wasn't so happy as you can see, but that didn't dampen the party mood. Luckily, Miles' moods pass pretty quickly and a good day was had by all.

I better go. I put Miles to bed pretty awake tonight in the hopes he could get himself to sleep, but I think he's going to need some help. I just tried putting this thing that plays ocean sounds and has mechanical swimming fish (we call it the "fish tv") in his crib and that seemed to help but it doesn't stay on long enough to really be a help because he's starting to fuss. I better go see what he needs.

...Well, I spoke too soon.Before I could get up to the nursery, he's quiet now, so I guess either the "fish tv" worked or he is happy to suck his fingers. Oh, that reminds me, he has moved on from sucking his thumb to sucking on his two middle fingers now.

That's the latest. Tomorrow is Wed., so wish me luck that I can make it to the mom group!

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