Monday, May 28, 2007

Blast from the past...

John went to bed early with a bad headache, so that meant I got to hop on his computer and "play." I found some early pics of Miles and just cant' believe how TINY he was.

So for a little stroll down memory lane, here's Miles at 2 weeks.

For those of you tuning in to hear what's new with Miles in the present, he is vocalizing like crazy! He was so chatty tonight and was making all sorts of new sounds. He's grabbing more and more for things and starting to work on passing things from one hand to another. He loves it when I sing to him (bless him) and he is getting close to rolling over. He is still sleeping through the night, waking up cheerful and taking naps during the day. I'm really starting to get in the groove of feeling more normal, which probably has a lot to do with sleep and him taking more naps during the day. I'm fitting into my pre-baby clothes, which is a huge relief, probably mostly due to the fact that I have no time to shop for new clothes!

Looking back at the two week old Miles, I realize that it's not only the little guy who has come a lonnnng way in the past few months. I am feeling worlds better than those foggy snowed in days when he was just born. (I bet John would agree with me as well.) Those were precious days, but the fun is really just beginning and I much prefer life where I'm off painkillers and not bogged down with mastitis or a post-op hematoma. He's just so much fun right now too. It's such an exciting time to see him experience everything for the first time. So as much as the two week old baby Miles was just as sweet as can be, I'm not going to pine for the past, i'm just going to enjoy him the way he is now. If looking through photos tonight has taught me anything, it's how fast it all goes.

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Jen said...

You know, I never REALLY believed people when they say to enjoy this time while the babies are little because they grow up so fast. I am discovering that it's so true! They just don't stay little long enough. Take care and hugs & kisses to Miles!