Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm a blog slacker!

Have I not posted a blog since Tuesday? Goodness, where has the week gone? Well, no new pics tonight, but hopefully soon. John's computer is rendering a video this evening and that takes most of it's juice, so none tonight. (I need my own Mac! Ugh!)

Some news....John has sold yet ANOTHER show! That makes for a total of 8! This is super exciting. I tell you what though, I'm not looking forward to when he starts writing his next show. It takes a TON of time and it's a very long process and I have to force myself to be good and not bug him, which is hard for me. We have built a door on his office, but we didn't install locks on it which was dumb. I can still just barge in and bug him. So I'll have to work on being good so he can focus.

What else? Well, I have been shooting lots of video clips lately, so I'm going to try to start posting little video clips set to music. Again, I need my own Mac so I can do this. In the meantime, check out a blooper reel we did from some footage we had left over from a Mother's Day video we made of Miles: Click here for video clip

If you can't view the clip, go to More Options for Video Clip

I just watched it and Miles has changed SO MUCH from the video clip. I can't wait to post more pics. I need to go to bed now though, so nighty night!

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Hubby said...

LIke I'd ever lock you out of my office! ;-)