Monday, May 14, 2007

Evil mayo....

Today started out to be a great day. It was beautiful and sunny, I had lots of energy from my great weekend and I was looking forward to getting lots done today. Perhaps even baking something, which Miles seldom gives me the time to do. However, I was optimistic today. Then, I ate some of the macaroni salad I had made from this past weekend's Mother's day lunch I hosted and totally forgot that it had sat on the table all afternoon before we put it back in the fridge. (Duh, don't ask me why it ended up back in the fridge.) Well, I was running around taking care of Miles during the party so kind of forgot how the salad had been sitting out. Anyway, I was hungry this morning and grazing on the closest thing I could find, as I typically do, and I had some of the salad as a mid morning snack. A couple of hours later it hit me that something was not right-AT ALL. I ended up getting pretty sick from the bad pasta salad and John, bless him, took over for me for the afternoon. Thank GOD John was able to help me out because honestly, I don't know how I would have juggled both Miles and my stomach "situation." I tell you, there's nothing like writhing on the bed in pain, staring out the window at a beautiful day cursing yourself for being dumb enough to eat bad pasta salad. It's definitely not in my top 5 ways to spend an afternoon.

So that story is probably TMI (Too much information) but hey, it's what Life with Miles, or at least Life with Bad Pasta Salad was like for me today. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to start over with this week. I'm so glad Miles was so good for Daddy and of course, John was awesome at caring for him. I feel really blessed that John is as involved as he is. I think there are some guys out there who wouldn't be so inclined to take over or half as good at caring for Miles as he is. He mentioned on my Mother's Day card at how being a mom is the hardest job there is. I am not at the hard part yet. I guess that comes when they start throwing tantrums or something. (The hardest part is balancing a social life, but that's another blog for another day.) Anyway, a big part of that is because parenting is such a partnership with John. The only reason it's not 50/50 is because he can't breastfeed. So a HUGE thank you goes out to John for not even batting an eyelash when I handed Miles over to him today and headed to bed.

For those of you who tune into this blog to hear about Miles and not the intricacies of my day, he's doing great. He's getting into a more predictable sleeping schedule with a morning and afternoon nap and going to bed between 8:30 and 9 PM. Life has been pretty good. I wonder how long this sleep schedule will last. My ears are always perking up when I hear other parents talk about sleep schedules because I keep wondering if I"m doing it right. Things appear to be going well. He's gabbing up a storm and we are starting to hear more and more of the elusive giggles that are the cutest things ever.

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Jennie said...

What a shame! That pasta salad was exquisite. Sorry you got sick.
Later, Jennie