Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today is Wednesday and every Wednesday for the last couple months I have been trying to go to a Mom 2 Mom group at the hospital. For some reason, Wednesday's have been busy with social stuff popping up or right as I would get ready to walk out the door, Miles would need to eat and we would end up staying home. So today, I was determined to go.

Things were looking good for us going today. I was actually dressed, hair (pretty much) done and Miles had eaten within about the last hour and a half so he should have been good to go. Just as I was packing the diaper bag he started to cry. So I changed him, burped him and nothing helped. So as I watched the clock inch closer to the time the group meets, I settled into the glider to feed him. So yet again, we didn't make it to the mom 2 mom group. Ugh. That's the thing about breastfeeding though. I can try to figure out his schedule as much as I can, but honestly, It's really up to him to tell me when he's hungry and that tends to change from day to day a bit. So even though he went three hours in between feedings earlier this morning, he only gave me an hour and a half between his next feeding. I guess I need to start working on being a better mind reader.

So I didn't get to my group, but at least I got to go on a walk during John's lunch hour with Miles and the pugs. It was a nice long walk and just as we turned around to go home, we felt a drop of rain. No sooner had I pulled the shade down on the stroller did the heavens open up and just start POURING rain. Here we were with our pugs, our baby in the stroller, and at the farthest point of our walk in a downpour. So I start to run, which is interesting as I am totally out of shape and wearing flip flops. Amazingly, Miles stayed dry, minus some splashes on his toes though John and I looked like we just stepped off the log ride at Cedar Point. The stroller actually had pools of water on it's hood and cup holders, but it did a great job of protecting him. Guess it was worth the $300 bucks afterall! ; ) The rain was at least nice and warm and it all wouldn't have been so bad if our pugs didn't stink to high heaven once we were inside!

So that was my day. A missed group (again) and a rained out walk. I have to hand it my friends out there who can actually get up in the morning and get their kids to day care and themselves off to work on time. I suck. I can't even make it to ONE meeting once a week! In the middle of the day! I would love to hear how those of you with babies out there can get to appts., meetings or work when you have a little one on his own schedule.

I do have to say that even though I didn't get out of the house today that Miles has just been so much fun. I am loving the third month. His personality is really coming out more and more and it's fun to see what new thing he's going to do next. It's fun to hear about Mother's Day coming up to. It's so weird that that holiday is now for me too! I keep getting all of these emails about Mother's day with cute little stories about kids and it's amazing how differently those effect me now that I'm a mom. I'm sure the changes in me have only just begun.

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