Saturday, May 12, 2007

John and I take lots of walks, so this is how Miles "rides" during most of our walks. He rests his mouth on the front of the baby Bjorn carrier and proceeds to suck or what I call "nuk" during the walk until he falls asleep. He looks pretty much exactly like a cabbage patch kid.

Yesterday Miles was in a great mood so John and I worked on some tummy time with him. He's getting so much stronger and starting to show signs of working towards rolling over. Of course, the lighting coming in from the loft window was so great, we couldn't resist getting out the camera. Plus I love taking pics of him in just his cloth diaper. I tell you, taking photos of Miles has become one of our favorite past times.

This one cracked me up. Extreme close up!

While John and I were snapping pics of Miles, Whisper randomly decided to roll over and pose for us. She waited patiently for us to notice and capture this quirky pic. I remember people warning me that I better not forget my pugs once Miles was born. Not a chance! We have so much fun with all of our babies now. The pugs are still such a big part of our little family. They will always be our first born and the ones that broke me in on learning responsibility so I would be prepared (ok, not prepared, but a bit more understanding of taking care of another being) for a baby.

Today I had a Mother's Day lunch for my family and it was a really nice day. This afternoon after everybody left we just hung out and did nothing. It was AWESOME. We took Miles out in the back yard and we blew bubbles, jumped on the trampoline (see below) and threw the ball for the pugs. We usually jam pack our weekends so it has been super nice to just chill out and spend time together. John is locked in his office right now presumably working on something for me for Mother's Day. Exciting!

Below is a photo of my only jump on the trampoline last summer. I was about two-three months pregnant or so in this photo and wanted to get one last jump in before I swore off the trampoline. Well, the trampoline is back up and I'm THRILLED to be back on it in full jumping ability. Yipeee! It may be a while until I can get back my pefect "herkie" form however. I 'll be working on it though along with my toe touches and abstracts. (Go Chargers!)

BTW, I'm sending out a big thank you to Jennifer who sent me my very first Mother's Day card. Thank you so much and Happy First Mother's day to you! She became a mom about ten days before I did. She's the best but lives much too far away. Check out her blog at: Evan Tales
I don't have any pics of her baby Evan with Miles, but here's a blast from this past November of us at her baby shower. Her sister Susan is on the left and that's Jen in the middle. Those girls were my next door neighbors since I was like 4 years old or something so they are very dear to my heart and they know wayyyyyy too much about me! I'm hoping someday we'll be neighbors again, though for now the internet will have to do.

Happy early Mother's day. I'm sure I'll having something posted tomorrow, but I thought I would make sure I got a greeting in to all of the mom's out there (and mom's "to be" Miss Linsday!) and of course to my own mother. Love you lots!


Jen said...

OK, Whisper is terribly cute posing like that! Love it!

Susan said...

Okay now, I never thought a picture of me eight months pregnant would end up on the Internet! To those who do not know me, I was pregnant with my fourth child in six years (which explains why I look HUGE)!