Thursday, July 12, 2007

apple green stare down

Here are some pics we took of Miles in the nursery. He was pretty sleepy, so kind of in stare mode, but we couldn't resist snapping some shots. I took one of my favorite photos (the blue hippo one) of him against the apple green wall so I like capturing more as he grows. Check out those heavy cheeks! I just want to eat them! ; ) His cute little droopy ears kill us too. We just think he's the cutest thing ever!

Miles does this thing now we call "bird mouth." He sucks his lower lip in and then his top lip gets pointy like a bird. He's doing it a lot in these photos. Sometimes it totally makes him look like a cabbage patch kid.

This one would have been soooo good had we framed the photo better. However, he moves so quickly, that we can't always get the shot we want.

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Jen said...

OK, he is just TOO cute! The pictures are great and that bird it! Hugs and kisses!