Tuesday, July 31, 2007

memory lane...

Seeing one of John's toys from his childhood at Annie's house, made me do a bit of poking around on Ebay. I found the Happy Apple and then something else caught my eye. I saw a ton of vintage Little People toys and I have been freaking out in a reminiscent stupor ever since this evening. My friend Jen, who has a blog, grew up next door to me and had every Fisher Price play set ever made. I remember playing for hours with those cool sets. Here are a couple of sets I have found on Ebay that made my heart jump and brought me back to the simpler days. Oh man, it makes me excited for all the fun Miles has in store.

Here are some of my finds. Anything look familiar to you?

I remember this castle had a pink dragon that came with it and these prissy looking king and queen's with permanant crowns stuck to their head. It was awesome.

This tree house made John's heart jump.

This was one of my favorites!

I loved playing mailman and putting the little envelopes in the mail slots.

Ok, enough of memory lane. We had an awesome afternoon today. John and I went to our neighbor's house to swim and had a great time. Their pool was super warm and Miles swam with us for the longest time. He splashed and splashed like crazy and really didn't seem to bore of it. I love that it's so hot out that you can swim at 5:30 in the afternoon and it might as well be noon. It felt great and we loved getting the chance to hang out with our neighbors who are super cool.

Then, after dinner, we indulged in some really fun snuggling and giggling with Miles. He had no interest in bed, though we certianly tried. We are usually sticklers with Miles' bedtime, but tonight we couldn't resist and let him stay up and just enjoyed him. It was really good family time. We feel so blessed and just love our precious little guy. He's still working on cutting those teeth of his. I don't feel any buds yet, but lots of drool and other signs. (That was part of the reason I don't think he was ready for bed.) He's sleeping now, so all is well. Speaking of which, I need to get to bed!


Susan said...

All of those Fisher Price toys are still in the family: I have several of them and I know Wendy has a few as well. I am not sure if Jen took any. My kids LOVE them!

Wendy said...

Yep, I have the school house and the school bus, as well as the two story house with me here. Clayton and Nadiya loved playing with them! Who knew toys almost as old as me would make me a good aunt. :-)