Friday, July 06, 2007

Tummy Time on Daddy

Here are Miles and John enjoying some time together after the wedding we went to last weekend. He had slept on the way home from the wedding, so he woke up refreshed upon arriving home and ready to play.

One of the things he's been doing lately is holding books and playing with them. The book in this photo was given to him by Barb and Bill Zabel. I have a few soft cloth books and he loves those. We read them all the time and sometimes he'll hold them really well and other times he'll just want to eat them. : ) We also have this obnoxious board book that lights up and plays this crazy music. Of course, Miles loves it. ; )

By the way, I got many emails and calls from friends thinking of me on the 4th. Thanks so much. It was a super hard day for me and I was absolutely exhausted and just really sad. I tried to be upbeat and positive, but grief found me. So we just allowed for that and spent the day laying around with Miles. We did stupid stuff like shopped online for stuff, signed up for Netflix, which is actually alot of fun and exciting and then went to Dairy Queen. Then, once Miles was in bed, we sat outside and watched all the fireworks going off around us and lit some off that John had purchased. Some neighbors came over and hung out with us and we ended up having a great time. They had no idea it was the 4 year mark of Andy's death, so just being with them transformed my mood. So I made it through another 4th of July. I'm hoping next year I can remember more of the good and less of the bad. I know that's what Andy would have wanted. I really am so blessed. I have so many gifts Andy left with me in my heart and I have John and Miles to share them with.

(Sorry to end the sentence with a preposition. It just sounds right to me!)

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