Monday, July 02, 2007

First trip to the zoo

Last Friday my friend Cristi called me to invite me to the zoo with her two kids Sydney and Tristan. I left the dishes in the sink, John at home to work (boy, was he bummed!) and headed out (with some trepidation) to Miles' first day at the zoo.

Miles was great and Cristi and her kids were so patient as they waited for me to feed Miles or change him and the day was really nice. It did, however, feel a bit like the breastfeeding Olympics as our zoo, as wonderful as it is, has about three benches and they are all very much out in the open. So I nursed Miles on a bench next to a 400 lb. man, sitting next to a family of four in an open courtyard, in line for a train ride and then actually during part of the train ride. In the end, Miles was fed and happy and we weren't forced to walk out to the car or God forbid stuff myself in a bathroom stall to feed him.

So Miles had his first trip to the zoo and I can't wait to return with John. He LOVED the train ride and giggled and smiled the whole time (that he wasn't eating.) That was so nice and relaxing that next time, I think I'll ride that for most of the day.

I was pretty busy with Miles, but I did manage to capture this photo of Syd playing on the toy train. Such a cutie. Thank you so much to Cristi for inviting me and helping me out with my first big day out with Miles on my own.

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