Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vote for your favorite picture!

We are going to be entering a contest soon through the our local newspaper. The prize is $2,000 (for college, of course) and the cutest baby would be the January baby in their Newspapers in Education baby calendar. The 11 runner-ups would get a month in the calendar. All contestants photos will go in the newspaper and will be online and will be voted on by the public. So we are looking for what would please the general public. (So that ruled out some of our artsy pics.) This may end up being a popularity contest as it is voted on by the public, so I will most likely be asking for your voting help again soon. ; )

Check out these pics and help us pick please. (I'm excited about seeing how this online voting thing works. Fun, huh?)

Black and White (1)

Blue Hippo (2)

BumGenius Belly (3)

Blue Boppy Smile (4)

Naked Grin (5)

White Onesie (6)

Thanks! The contest deadline is July 31st, so we'll let you know when the entries are online.

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