Thursday, November 15, 2007

break time!-take two

I had to repost this because now that we have two cameras, I found these adorable shots that matched an older post. The second photo of Stamp KILLS me.

John's been working verrrry hard, so here's a little break time I captured today.

This is so our life. One of us on the floor and within seconds of lying down a pug comes and snuggles up. Miles is somewhere babbeling and exploring, but always keeping an eye to make sure we aren't too far away.

No, that's not a dress on Miles. He's wearing what I call his "nap sack." It's a sleep sack thingy that I thought he wouldn't wear much past three months, but it's an easy way to keep him bundled up without the hassel of pants and socks or feety pajamas and snaps as it just slips on and zips up. (I'm all for zippers on baby stuff. Whoever invented snaps on baby pants was deranged.) He looks adorable when he crawls around in it.

Life around here is B U S Y. It's November, which means the holidays are creeping up on us and about to slap us in the face and it's also the big deadline time for John. His marching band piece is coming along really well though. MUCH more smoothly than last year's. (Last year it was the deadline that kept getting pushed back and back and it felt like it was never going to end.) Hopefully the show he writes this year will sell as well as last year's did. Go John go! (Mommy wants a new Mac!) Love you John!!!!

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