Wednesday, November 28, 2007

welcome wall•e!

After years of using a PC, I have returned to my Apple roots and have another imac! (Bless my old egg imac, this one is light years better than that sweet little thing!)  It feels good to be home!  I grew up in a house where using macintosh computers was like a religion. I'm not kidding.  I went to two mac world conventions in San Fran, CA as a kid and it might as well had been Disney World.  Man, I really wish I could have stayed a computer geek through high school. Oh well, I'm trying to catch up now. 

Meet Wall•y. (I named my mac after this adorable character) For those of you pc fans, the entire computer is located inside the screen.  What you see on the box here is all you get and need.  No CPU tower.  Sweet, huh? 
John was like a kid in a candy store. He LOVES opening up and setting up new computers.  The best part of the set up was when a little camera popped up from the in-screen camera to snap my profile photo.  (We let Whisper stand in since I hadn't showered yet. I tell you, we dropped EVERYTHING to set this baby up.) 
The keyboard is very different and taking some getting used to. It's so freakin thin!
This screen is SOOOOO beautiful. It's huge and glossy. We can play DVD's on it and watch movies in the living room now if we want. We are mesmerized by this screen.  (I have used the word mesmerized twice this week on the blog. What a great week!)  
Hey, what's that on the screen? It's a Betsy and John Photography website! How'd that get there? Guess I'll have to release that sometime soon. ; ) Good thing I have a shiny new mac to finish it! (I'm seriously just about as excited as I could be if you couldn't tell. Like seriously excited. I don't feel worthy!)

So I usually don't dare work on the computer while Miles is around because my pc had a million cords and the tower to climb on.  I thought I would try it when he woke up from his nap. Can you find Miles?

This photo where Miles is laying on his belly cracks me up.  He was enthralled with the cord hole in the back of the armoire.  (That's where the tower used to be. Now it's a little spot for Miles to play.) 
Ok, he's starting to climb on the printer. Time to shut the doors to Wall•y, for now.

We are in the midst of moving all of our photo library on John's mac to a harddrive so I can get them moved over here to Wall•y. Um, the computer says it will take 6 hours. It ran for a while and then had an error. We are back to productivity ceasing! Oh well, it's all part of the process. I'm SO ready to get rolling on getting our photography business site up and running, get some business cards printed, etc. Very exciting time! Poor John is the one who has an actual full fledged business and bless his heart, I think he's struggling to focus with all this excitement (and fun) fluttering around. It's an interesting time, that's for sure. Again, stay tuned!

BTW, I hate posting right after I do a super cute post because I don't like the idea of people missing cute stuff on a previous post. So make sure you scroll down to see Preston and Miles at the Coffee shop. One of my favorite photos is in there.


Jessica & Todd said...

I am getting more and more excited for you! I know your business is going to take off, and you will have Wally to thank! Enjoy your new toy! :)

Erin said...

Yes, scroll down, blog readers- scroll down!
LOL-Totally kidding! :)

Betsy- I couldn't be happier for you guys! (or more jealous of your new mac- hhehee.) I am cracking up at John digging into that box- Kevin would be the *EXACT* same way.

Yippee for getting things underway. Can't wait for you guys to go public. Congrats!

Rachel Henderson said...

Whoohoo!!!! The irony of Miles playing in the tower cupboard is too much. I love what I can see of the website too.

Jessica said...

Hi Betsy, (Here from Me Ra's blog...)

Just had to pop in to say I'm so excited for you even though I don't know you! I'm drooling over that new computer of yours and the gorgeous looking website you're working on.

I'll be checking in on you guys often as I'm on the same path as you albeit not quite as far and could always use some inspiration!


Gail said...

You guys are like kids in a candy store with that thing! :) Our whole design/photo team at work just got the same new iMacs, and I swear, I have to wipe the drool off my face when I wander on that side of the room.

Have fun with your new toy! (and I'm a 100 percent with you that the new keyboards are SO crazy thin!)