Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Miles & Preston meet for coffee

Miles and I met our new friends Erin and Preston for some hot drinks and some much needed time out of the house at my favorite coffee shop, the Mocha Lounge, a week or so ago.  Miles could barely wait to get his hands on Preston, who seemed pretty jazzed to meet Miles too. He's only 3 months old but he's got the smile down!  (I flipped when I realized I caught him actually smiling at Miles. Now how freakin cute is that?) 

Miles LOVED Erin's necklace. Thankfully it remained intact despite Miles' track record of dismantling beaded necklaces in no time flat.

I met Erin at a mom 2 mom group (yes, I know some of you are laughing at the mom group thing) and we hit it off really well. We actually first met when she was still pregnant for Preston this past summer, but we didn't get to connect until now. I'm so glad we did because we have so much in common! It's so much fun to meet people that you just hit it off and start chatting away like crazy.   (I LOVE This photo, btw. I would KILL for Erin's teeth.) We both have brainiac/creative husbands too so even more in common. Yippee!  
Look at those lashes!  This was just the beginning of a series of facial expressions in a yawn that I captured. (I'll post those later. This is one of those moments when John is working late, I need to get on the computer to grab some files, but don't want to wait for him to be done to blog.  Did I mention I'm excited I'm getting my own Mac? It's on it's way!) 
This photo is my favorite of the day. I couldn't stop staring at it when I loaded it onto our computer. He's so squishy and those eyes are looking right at me and oh so mesmerizing. 

Again with the squishiness! Don't you want to squeeze this baby RIGHT NOW? 
I love photographing babies sitting up like this, before they really know how to sit up.  (Remember the hippo photo I took of Miles? That's where I got the idea.) 

Gotta capture those sweet little hands. 
Miles was so patient to sit and play with his cheerios while I played with my camera and gabbed on and on.  I wonder how much longer he will be intrigued by a little canister of Cheerios. 

Oh, I hope I get to photograph some more babies soon. I have been having a blast photographing Miles this week (you'll see what I mean very soon) but little babies are fun too because they can be such good little models and let me get in and photograph their little hands and feet.

Woo, I'm so tired. I was up past 1 AM last night so I need to get to bed pronto.Nighty Night, hope you enjoyed the cute baby pics!

See ya soon Erin and Preston!

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Erin said...

Oh, Bets- I love them soooo much! You are awesome. My all-time favorite is the squishy one, too. And Kevin's is the fake-out sitting shot.

btw, my teeth, huh? bless your heart. But seriously- there are two VERY cute babies in these pics! ;)