Monday, October 08, 2007

broccoli bash and low muscle mass

John and I were having broccoli tonight for dinner, so I broke it up in little pieces to see what Miles would think of it. He had already eaten, but just like his mom, this kid will never turn down a snack.
He picked up a piece immediately and started chowing down!

I caught John saying "Mmmmmmm" with his mouth full to Miles.
It was a really nice and rare evening where we could all sit and enjoy dinner together. We usually end up feeding him first and eating either after he is asleep or while he is bouncing away in a bouncer or something. We much prefer nights like these.

In other news, Miles is crawling like crazy and FAST all over the house. I have found that I can put make up on or brush my teeth if I let him crawl around our walk in closet. He loves to play under the clothes and pull on sleeves. I waited forever for him to crawl and now that he has, he is catapulting quickly through milestones. He is pulling himself up, standing and climbing. We are already getting the red marks on the face from when he is holding on to something with one hand and then lets go and WHAM! straight down he goes.

We are still on the hunt for a jogging stroller. I had found one on Craig's list, but I ended up getting sick on Friday and couldn't go get it. It's already snatched up so ANOTHER good deal goes un-gotten. Ugh. (As an aside, if you are ever bored, check out the personals on craigs list They are pretty crazy, racy and funny! I found that out last night when I was tinkering around that site.) So we'll see. I"m hoping we can get a jogger before fall is over. I'm thinking jogging strollers are like treadmils. It's best to buy them used because people get all excited about them, intending to exercise, but they end up with clothes piled on top of them after a few months. Well, John and I can barely run to the phone. Our cardio and muscle mass is at an all time low and we are tired of it. John and I were at Coldstone Creamery last night and we made an interesting observation. We realized that pretty much everybody in there, minus a handful of people, were overweight. That's including children, which is really sad. So as we ate our cake batter ice cream with kit kats crushed in, we made yet another vow to get in shape. That's where the jogging stroller comes in. I suppose cutting out coldstone is another option, but come on! Let's get real... ; )


Jen said...

Best of luck getting into shape, King family! I SOOO wished we lived closer, as the Mears family LOVES its ice cream also! We are, also, watching what we eat and it seems like cutting out the premium ice cream shops is quite difficult. Someday, maybe the King and Mears family can all have ice cream together!

Love ya!

J Skeens said...

So shocked that the cute little Miles likes that green stuff. Good for you. Brain food.
Love you all.