Wednesday, October 24, 2007

lots of stuff happening!

I feel a bit of a sore throat coming on and with all this sickness going around, I need to get to bed earlier than midnight tonight. So I'll just highlight a few fun things going on around here.

-Miles is trying to learn how to give kisses. He lunges towards me and with an open mouth just starts to gnaw or just kind of lick at my cheek, neck or nose. I can't describe it just right without it sounding weird. It's hilarious and precious because he is squeezing me tighly with a hug at the same time. Sometimes he even gives a little giggle at the same time.

-Remember how Miles was starting to ask for more with sign language? Well, that sign is definitly learned. For a while he kept just yelling when he wanted more food. We kept working on doing the sign for "more" and reinforcing that instead of the high pitched yell and today there was no yelling at dinner from him, just quiet little hand clapsing together for more. It's so freaking cute and really nice to actually communicate. Hopefully this will continue.

-Along the same lines as doing the "more" sign, he is starting to actually clap at appropriate times. (Not just randomly.) Today we were clapping along to a song and he clapped right along with me. It's so neat to see him starting doing this stuff in context.

-Still no teeth, but he's so working on them. Tonight he couldn't sleep becuase he was so ouchy. So we just let him gnaw on a teething bisquit while we worked away on the computer together. It's funny, all of my friend's babies have all sorts of teeth, but Miles still has yet to break one. (I really don't mind at all though!)

-Miles will eat ANYTHING. We gave him some spinach yesterday, and I'm talking just plain cooked spinach (no salt or butter) that I chopped up a bit in the processor and he ate it all up. I really hope he continues to be this good of an eater.

-I'm excited because tomorrow I'm meeting up with my group of ladies from my summer bible study group becuase Amy Conner is home from Princeton for fall break. I CAN"T WAIT.

-One thing I'm bummed about is Blue man group and Cirque de Solei is in town tomorow. I would have loved to have gone to either show. (But I wouldn't miss my group gathering. No way!) John took me to Blue Man Group in Chicago as his first Christmas gift to me and that show was amazing. The best part was I got chosen by one of the blue men to go up on stage. That was, by far, one of the top 10 things I have ever done in my life. Amazing. My sister in law, Rebecca, is going to the show tomorrow and she got 4th row tickets. I SOOOO hope she gets asked to go on stage!

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Susan said...

Clayton get to go to the Blue Man Group tonight with my mom (who won tickets)! He is so excited!