Monday, October 15, 2007

first sign!

We have been working on teaching Miles some useful sign language words. It seems to me that meal time would be the most useful time to know some words, so that's been my focus. I wasn't sure it was really catching on, but this weekend we think we may have seen Miles give his first sign! (and then do it a few more times once I got my camera out-yippee!)

Here's John feeding Miles and asking him if he wants "more." ..and Miles replies, "More!"

So who knows if he was really asking for "more" or just clapping, but it was in context. So we'll see. John was the cutest, he got all teary eyed!

p.s. I have to laugh at how trashed our kitchen is here. We had just gotten back from the fall festival and the diaper bag just exploded out onto the counter and table. Our highchair was out of commision drying from a deep clean, so we fed Miles in a chair on the table. I wonder if he felt a bit less confinded in that chair than our high chair and that's why he did the signs. Which, by the way, I can't stand our Chicco highchair. I'm so tempted to sell it at a garage sale. Ugh! I love spending a lot of money on stuff that doesn't work well. Oh well, it's mine now and it's got to last for the rest of our kids that may come along.

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